Date: July 13, 2021 Category:


Ghost is a design project born from shadows, contrasts, and transparencies that distort and
influence perception, while creating new dimensions: this table appears much smaller and lighter
than it really is. The effect is created by the table top’s particular circular finish which, fading into
transparency, redefines its edges and limits.
The glass’s transparent border makes the table appear smaller that it actually is, contributing to the
visual lightness of the object and the space that surrounds it.

The table top’s finish is created using an extremely high definition digital printing process that,
thanks to tempering treatment, is incorporated into the glass itself, resulting in a particular,
unalterable effect over time. This environmentally sustainable process is in line with current quality
and life cycle legislation.
The painted metal base is completely removable and easily transportable.
The table comes in various dimensions, finishes and colours.



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