Date: December 16, 2022 Category:


Stratosphere is a kitchen hood that goes beyond its function by becoming a modular and
multifunctional microarchitecture that fully integrates into the setting.
An innovative solution is given by an ultra-compact aluminum blade height that detaches from the
ceiling only a few centimeters.
The composition of several elements allows the development of innumerable formal and functional
configurations: duct-out, filtering, diffusion and purification of the air system.
To these are added the direct and diffused LED lighting, the ambient light control, the audio system
and the sound-absorbing panels.
Thanks to the development of special technologies this system is characterized by high
performance and very low energy consumption. Stratosphere comes in various dimensions, finishes
and colours.


Produced by Sil Fim
Photo: Paolo Benevelli Design

GOOD DESIGN® Award 2022

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